Investment strategies developed to meet your goals and needs

Maple Capital offers a number of proprietary investment strategies to meet the diverse needs of its clients. Strategies can be implemented as a standalone component of a client’s overall portfolio or combined into a portfolio specifically tailored to the unique needs of each client.

Balanced Strategies:

Traditional Balanced Strategy –This strategy combines one or more of the equity strategies below with the appropriate fixed income strategy for a given investor. This strategy is suitable for investors seeking a combination of capital appreciation and preservation of capital.

Equity Strategies:

Core Equity Strategy —This strategy emphasizes common stock of high quality companies with strong market positions, attractive balance sheets, and substantial long-term earnings momentum that are trading at a reasonable discount to their intrinsic value. This strategy is suitable for investors seeking the growth of common stocks.

Equity Income Strategy —This strategy utilizes dividend-paying securities, including common and preferred stocks, real estate investment trusts (REITs), closed-end mutual funds and exchange-traded master limited partnerships (MLPs), to provide above-average income yields. This strategy is suitable for investors seeking high current income while retaining opportunities for future gains.

Diversified Equity Strategy —This strategy includes multiple asset classes. It typically combines our Core Equity or Equity Income strategies with one or more of the outsourced strategies listed below to achieve a diversified multi-asset class portfolio.

Fixed-Income Strategies:

Taxable Fixed-Income Strategy — employs the full spectrum of taxable fixed income securities. Appropriate for tax-exempt investors and investors in low tax brackets.

Tax-Exempt Fixed Income Strategy — focuses primarily on tax-free municipal bonds, with taxable investments added for diversification after considering their after-tax yields. Appropriate for investors subject to high tax brackets.

External Managed Strategies:

In order to achieve a level of portfolio diversification beyond what can be achieved through Maple Capital’s proprietary investment capabilities, we have selected a number of “outsourced” investments designed to complement our own strategies. These investments include: small-cap equities, international equities, emerging markets and high-yield fixed income. In each case, we have performed detailed screening and have identified investment managers with a proven level of success in their niche.