effectively managing client assets

Investment Philosophy

Maple Capital believes the key to effectively managing client assets is to first gain a thorough understanding of the client’s goals and objectives. Once this framework has been established, we construct a portfolio designed to meet these goals while also minimizing risk.

Core Equity Philosophy:

We believe that the key to superior investment returns is to invest in companies with high quality products & services, strong cash flows, solid balance sheets, and sustainable competitive advantages.

Recognizing that great companies are not always great investments, we seek to avoid this pitfall by rigorously modeling the prices we pay for securities. We believe that our fundamental research and strict valuation discipline can consistently and repeatedly identify attractive investment opportunities. The companies we invest in tend to have the following characteristics:

  • Attractive long-term growth prospects
  • Sustainable competitive position or high barriers to entry
  • Stable, high quality cash flow and earnings
  • Consistently high or increasing returns on equity and capital
  • Low risk, high quality balance sheets

Fixed Income Philosophy:

We utilize a consistent research process to identify fixed income investment opportunities suited to client goals and objectives. Our process combines our top down views on the economy and the direction of interest rates with fundamental security analysis. We believe active bond management can capture additional yield through minor differences in bond maturity, priority, or ratings. Active management is also a primary tool for portfolio risk control.