providing first class investment management

Collective mix of insurance and investment knowledge

Maple Capital Management was created with the vision of providing first class investment management services to small and medium sized institutions, insurance companies and private clients. Our team of highly experienced professionals has broad expertise in both the investment and insurance areas. This knowledge, coupled with our discipline and customized approach allows us to provide effective management solutions.


Short Duration Income Strategy – A short duration approach to income generation for investors pursuing preservation of capital with the desire for higher yields than provided by traditional cash management approaches. The implementation of this approach can be tailored to meet the specific needs of your captive. Interest rate risk is minimized through the use of short dated bonds. Income may be enhanced with the use of high quality, soon-to-be called preferred stock and in some cases high dividend paying common stock.

Captive Insurance Strategy – This strategy was developed specifically for the captive insurance market. The strategy sets a conservative investment framework and then aggressively pursues returns within that framework. The implementation of this strategy can be tailored to meet the specific needs of your captive. While it is similar to our Core Bond strategy, it has tighter limits on maturity, duration, and credit exposures.

MCM Bond Strategy – This strategy uses the traditional fixed income management strategies utilized in our broader account base. This strategy may be used for fixed income portfolios, or as part of a balanced strategy combining equity and fixed income. Securities used include direct U.S. Treasury obligations, U.S. agency securities, taxable and tax exempt municipal bonds, mortgage-backed securities (MBS), corporate bonds, negotiable CD’s and asset-backed securities (ABS). We can structure the portfolio to meet the specific liquidity and cash flow requirements of your account.

Balanced Strategy

Our balanced approach combines one of our institutional equity strategies with the appropriate bond strategy for a given investor. Our portfolio managers work with each client to determine an asset allocation for that client’s unique circumstances. Our portfolio management system allows us to efficiently employ this strategy across a wide range of client allocations.