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Worried about the Upcoming Election? Don’t be…

As investors, we are trained to be on the lookout for the next risk headed towards our portfolios. The human brain has evolved over the centuries to constantly be looking for the next risk; the early hunter who wasn’t worried about the potential tiger lurking in the grass might not have made it home after the hunt. This fear impulse can have negative impacts on long term growth for investors in the stock market as there is almost always a potential headwind for markets…just turn on the news.

We are reminded of this every four years when a US election cycle comes along as inevitably both sides of the political aisle are worried about the country, economy, and markets if their candidate doesn’t win the election. What we see when looking back at markets is that often-times there are much larger forces at work than a politician’s efforts in the executive branch. This isn’t to say that the politicians don’t have an impact – their policy agenda – and ability to implement that policy agenda has huge impacts on markets. But over the long run, markets tend to trend higher and can do so under either political party.

So regardless of your political party, make sure you have a good financial plan in place; the right asset mix for your individual circumstance;  and keep investing for the long term. And regardless of your politics… vote!

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